• Using burdened labor costs to make a profit. Everything you do in business either generates or eliminates revenue. In a service oriented business, if you are not charging enough for your services, you are eliminating revenue.

  • I started this business because I am good at what I do and I believe I can make a great life doing it. That what we hear from so many business owners. But starting a business isn’t always as easy as that. Check out our.

  • One of the greatest challenges business owners face in the current economy is finding and hiring quality employees. When the construction markets crashed in 2008, many workers in the skilled trades left to pursue employment i

  • Understanding your Burdened Labor Costs (BLC) is a must. Calculating the hourly cost and responsibility for each direct labor employee creates an intricate labor tool to allow for better labor allocation on jobs. You may be t

  • Taking a moment to introduce Michael and Kelcey Thompson. To learn why they started Applied Management Group (AMG), to what sets AMG apart from its competition, to what struggles they have endured along the way and so much mo

  • Understanding your total burdened labor costing is a must. Calculating the hourly cost and responsibility for each direct labor employee creates a useful management tool to allow for better labor allocation. “It sounds

  • According to a Training Industry report published in 2016, the cost and time to train an employee varied considerably depending on the industry. Do you know your burdened labor costs and value of training your employees? Matc

  • Preparing for the next generation of employees by creating a performance culture. Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day through at least 2030. Have you evaluated your workforce and what issue you may face with

  • The average worker stays at a job for an average of 4.4 years, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years. Here at Appli

  • Many of you are comfortable with your market share, the number of customers you have, and the state of your business, and you do not plan on making any changes.

  • Do you have the power to WOW your customer? Customers are in the process of turning the corner from being complacent about if they receive any form of acceptable customer service to demanding a seamless process.

  • Ready to either sell your business or pass it on to the next generation? If you answered yes, you are in need of a succession plan. A succession plan is a blueprint for how to get the most out of your business.

  • In the current economy, it seems that everything is about saving money. Most companies are tightening their budgets, scrutinizing expenses and keeping cost-cutting top of mind.

  • A vertical market is a particular industry or group of enterprises in which similar products or services are developed and marketed using similar methods, and to which goods and services can be sold.

  • As advancing technologies allow for more specialized systems and new regulations demand greater efficiencies, opportunities are opening up within the commercial and industrial (C&I) market.

  • By maximizing the assets in their service departments, companies have the opportunity to expand their businesses into new revenue streams with the confidence of knowing accurate profit margins and costs.

  • Making more money does not mean that you will become profitable; it means you are working harder. How do you make the most out of the revenue you are already generating?

  • Two of the main reasons why 46% of all businesses fail are emotional pricing and lack of knowledge about pricing.

  • Managing the process of change to improve your business. Change is inevitable, learn how to embrace change and make it a positive experience for both your employees and customers.

  • Benchmarking is not only for companies that are in financial distress, but for anyone looking for sustainable growth or streamlining processes and procedures to increase productivity.

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