• Stars/customer reviews are everywhere…and people pay attention to them! We all look at the reviews on Amazon products – does it have one star or five; you may make your decision on which one to buy based off of the customer r

  • I am Mike Westmore. I am the owner of Bookkeeping by Mike LLC, and I provide bookkeeping services to small businesses. My mission is “To help small business owners take control of their finances through sound analysis and adv

  • In the summer of 2016, the company I worked for faced regional layoffs and there I was, in middle management, scaling the corporate ladder canyon. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been laid off but my dream of reaching th

  • Quote in hand! I was ready! I was waiting for them to show up! From experience; it doesn’t matter how much you like to do things yourself – there is always something that is outside your reach. And this job was literally outs

  • Reconciliation – did you cringe? Do you shudder at the thought? Account reconciliations don’t have to be that stressful. Although admittedly, to get to that point they are not stressful does take some prep work. Just like any

  • Set it and forget it (Ron Popeil)! Do you remember those commercials, heck they may still be playing on some of the cable channels. Your supposed to set your slow cooker and forget it. At the end of the day you will have a fu

  • As business owners and managers we want to know where our money is coming from and where it is going; or better known as income and expenses. Within your software program there is more than one way to track where your income

  • So now we know… there are two kinds of financial statements…the one that everyone loves better known as the Income Statement and the one that no one ever really pays attention to better known as the Balance Sheet.  But we als

  • Is hiring a struggle for you – or should I be more specific – is hiring good employees a struggle for you? We hear it all the time that it is so difficult to find good employees. We tell our clients they should always be...

  •   You have the good, the bad and the ugly with money! When it comes to your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables you never want them to be anything but good! And you really never want to them to be the bad or the ug

  • We know that we have the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet. We know that we have Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable. We know that we have Net Income and potentially Net Loss. But did you know that you have Direct

  • The forgotten statement.. yes it is true there is a forgotten financial statement… the Balance Sheet. Everyone loves their Income Statement but no one ever looks at their Balance Sheet. Is it because you don’t think the

  • Profits we all want them! We all love them! Heck that is what we all work for profits – positive profits! We did not become business owners to pay others to work for them or to go in debt – we became business owners to...

  • I know…I know I can hear all of you saying it right now – It took you long enough! Yes it’s that time! It’s time to look at your Income Statement! Everyone is always so interested in their Income Statement. Those are usually

  • Focus, so often when we were little kids we were told to focus. In volleyball I was always told to focus on the ball, don’t lose sight of the ball. Up to now my focus has been on accounting processes and procedures; the decis

  • We have all used them. Some of us rely on them on a daily basis. Some people don’t even leave their driveways without having it on. It has become a habit and a natural part of driving. What is it? A GPS! Why do we...

  • Uncertainty…Merriam-Webster defines it as lack of certainty: doubt. Something that is doubtful or unknown. Uncertainty…kind of sums up being self-employed? Uncertainty… the ups and the downs throughout the life of a business.

  • Apparently bubble gum was created by an accountant – I think it’s because accountants needed something to chew on besides their nails at the end of every month and especially at the end of every year! With all that there is t

  • Timing in business is everything. If it’s not us personally wanting something right now, it’s our customers. Queen states it very clearly with the title of their song “I want it all” – as the song states “I want it all,

  • If the leadership of a business is uninformed and fails to make proper decisions for the business the business will fail. Do you know how to insulate yourself and your business from making those mistakes? What part does your

  • Happy New Year! You have created your budget for the New Year. You have finished your year-end process to close out your books. You have now made it to the next step. Yes there is a next step in the process; there is always a

  • Year end is defined as year’s end, the end of the calendar year. Translated for all of us business owners that means “YEAR END” – the end of the fiscal year – that is if your year runs from January 1st to December 31st.  “YEA

  • Budgeting…to put it bluntly I think it sucks. Now I’m not saying that it is not a critical aspect of business and that it doesn’t have to be done. I’m simply saying I personally think it sucks! If you’re going to start the Ne

  • A journey is the act of traveling somewhere – as the adage says “life is a journey”. Being a business owner let’s take that to one step further – “business is a journey”. Business is always traveling – forward, backwards, sid

  • Critical mass is the minimum amount of something required to start or maintain a venture. The minimum amount! Hmm let’s think about that for a moment…. Within business we never want to have just the minimum amount of money to

  • When it comes to running a business, most people are overlooking their number-one biggest asset. Advertising, marketing, social media, and multiple others are a drop in the bucket compared to the power of your numbers. If I h

  • While researching on how to blog, I was told that I was supposed to start my first blog with “Hello World!” so here it goes “Hello World!” A BLOG! Wow blogging!

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