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Critical mass is the minimum amount of something required to start or maintain a venture. The minimum amount! Hmm let’s think about that for a moment….

Within business we never want to have just the minimum amount of money to pay our bills. Nor do we want to provide our customers with the minimum amount of customer service. We don’t work as hard as we do to only have or provide the minimum.

All of us business owners know what it takes to run a business. We all strive on a daily basis to be the best that we can be and never “settle”; that’s not in our nature, that’s not who we are. If it was we wouldn’t be in business. Why are podcasts and books on cd’s so popular – it’s because we toil every minute that we have to learn and grow – usually the only free time we have is in the car or running from place to place. So we fill that space with knowledge.

Why is it then that when it comes to one of the most critical aspects to our businesses we guess? As we know it’s not in our nature nor do we like to do it but we do it anyway!

So what is behind it All:

Burdened Labor Costing (BLC); I wrote about it in my last blog. I wanted to dive deeper to give you a better understanding of what it really is and why we spend so much of our time and effort on it.

First you need to know what it is – BLC is the sum of your direct labor, taxes, benefits, vehicle costs (if applicable) and an adjusted percentage of your indirect labor and overhead costs associated with a specific department and individual. Or simply put the sum of the costs associated with an employee and their vehicle (if applicable) per hour. Or even more simply put – what does that employee cost you every hour of every day?

We have been asked why we call it Burdened Labor verses loaded labor – we have found that when the term loaded labor is used it is used in reference to just some of the costs associated with having an employee – and even those costs vary. Loaded labor doesn’t usually include overhead, indirect labor and all expenses required. It usually provides a quick view of the employees pay rate along with some taxes and benefits.

You need complete visibility to make informed decisions.

So what is the meaning of it All:

Well let’s go back to the beginning – critical mass. We already know we don’t like running our businesses at critical mass; it is not acceptable in so many areas. But in one area critical mass is critical! Your BLC is your critical mass when setting your retail labor rates. Why because your BLC – is the minimum amount of something required to start or maintain a venture – it is the minimum amount of information you need! Calculate your BLC today with the Apex eSuite Burdened Labor Costing SaaS program.

Take control, move forward, set proper retail labor pricing and see the profitability you have worked so hard for. Don’t settle for critical mass – unless it’s your BLC!

If you are interested in BLC check out our blog True Costs of Labor!


  • Replica Hermes Bags
    Posted at 07:14h, 06 March

    Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciated your insights about the topic.

    • AMG
      Posted at 09:50h, 07 March

      Thank you so much. Please continue to read on with this blog series. If you are interested in the cost of direct labor our Apex eSuite Burdened Labor Costing SaaS can answer your questions check it out at

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