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Everything that happens in your business either generates revenue or eliminates revenue. Knowing the difference and how to track it makes all the difference. In working with our clients we have seen many who are masters of their craft but trust the financial success of their business to bookkeepers and accountants. This workshop focuses on delivering what you must know to control the ins and outs of your revenue. QuickBooks is vital to most small businesses; we review the proper use of the program to achieve management accounting.

Seven Summits



Looking at your financials and using them to develop sound business decisions are two different things. This workshop focuses on using your financials as a valuable tool in the day to day operations of your business. Over the years we have mentored a multitude of business owners and general managers on how to transform their financial statements into management tools. Generating a renewed interest and opening new avenues by which to achieve their goals.

Seven Summits



Owners and general managers have come up with very creative ways to track their revenue and expenses; from elaborate Chart of Accounts to expansive spreadsheets. This workshop focuses on using the tools available to you to create departments using sound business practices to get the reporting required to make management decisions. We teach you both the parameters needed to create departments and how to employ the proper use of your accounting software program for a departmentalized Income Statement. Taking the information you already have and make it work for you.

Seven Summits



One of the critical pieces of information within a service oriented business is your burdened labor cost. Another is tracking the profitability of your direct employees. Know their true costs and efficiencies is vital to growing your business and achieving sustainable goals.  This training teaches you why calculating your burdened labor costs and providing true pricing is mandatory. We then teach you how to move those numbers forward to track each employee’s income and efficiency for every day worked.

Seven Summits



Customer perception and current trends make it a must to not only price competitively but profitably. Accomplishing both can be challenging. In this workshop we provide you a way to make your service department a profit center. You will learn how to develop a comprehensive flat rate pricing process yielding desired results with broad visibility to all costs. In addition, you will possess the ability to utilize your expenses, departmentalized income statement and implement your burdened labor costing in conjunction with your desired profit margins to create both a flat rate pricing program and overall pricing structure.

Seven Summits



How do you WOW your customers? Do you provide that memorable customer service that customers are demanding to stay loyal to you? We define just what outstanding customer service looks like in your business. Here you will learn how to develop a performance culture that drives a customer experience that WOW’s the customer at every touch point. The key to delivering this experience is employees that are empowered to make decisions within the scope of a well-designed process. WE show you in this workshop how to develop those processes and procedures.

Seven Summits



The process of business benchmarking is setting the best practices standards for your business. What do you benchmark and what are the results actually tracking? This workshop show’s how to set benchmarks based on performance measurements verses tasks. Using you current financial numbers, forecasting, and research you will develop a working plan to deliver measurable success and attainable goals.

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