Humility is Powerful


Are you expected to have the answers?

What happens when you don’t?

That is when you need the wisdom, knowledge and Humility to know that you need help!

Too often as business owners we are expected to have all of the answers; now when it comes to your trade or specialty you should have the answers you’re the expert. But not when it comes to all the other areas of your business – marketing, finance, advertising, customer service, sales, human resources, bookkeeping, contracts and so much more.

We all come to a point in business where we don’t have all of the answers…..let me say that again we all come to a point in business where we don’t have all of the answers – leaders, new business owners, veteran CEO’s and everyone in between.

Behind every failed business there are delusional or dysfunctional business leaders. Ironically some of them had no clue, and they still don’t!

But you have the power to change that – there is a critical point in business when you “know what you don’t know” and you seek the knowledge of others to create a profitable path for both yourself and your business. It is extremely powerful having the knowledge that “you don’t know” and using it to find someone that does.

It takes true humility to change from not knowing to seeking the help/knowledge of others. Humility then changes into triumph and reward! It is there waiting for you but you have to be willing to take the steps needed to accomplish it. No one ever said it was easy; there is a true level of commitment required but the benefits are amazing. You also have to be in the right frame of mind to give of your time to learn and/or make the required changes.

As I have said before don’t Google “it” whatever “it” may be. Use a trusted mentor; someone that will work with you – to get to know you, your business and what your specific needs are. Your needs are unique to you and your business – Google does not take that into account.

We are here for you; to help you. Answering your questions; to move you and your business forward we know what it takes.

Humility…start reaping the rewards today.

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